Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today I wanted to share with you the answer to the question: "Why?"  I know you've been waiting all your life to know the answer, and now you're about to read it!

No, no, no!  Not "Why am I here?" (although we could have a really stimulating discussion about that sometime!)  Not "Why is the sky blue?" or "Why is a rainbow arched?", although I've wanted to know the answers to those two questions for years!  Not even "Why did Bella choose Edward over Jacob?"

No, I want to address the question: "Why would I want to become a Stampin' Up Demonstrator?"  Perhaps a better question might be "Why would I not want to become a Stampin' Up Demonstrator?"  Because this deal is so good you can't lose!  Even if you have no interest in doing Stampin' Up as a business!  Let me list some of the benefits:

1.You get an amazing personalized choice of $155 dollars worth of any Stampin' Up merchandise from any current catalogue for only $125!  Free shipping!!

2. You get discounts!  Who doesn't love to save money?  You get demonstrator discounts of 20% on all the products, even if you don't sell anything!  Your first order of $200+ within 60 days of ordering your Starter Kit will earn you a one-time 30% discount!

3.  Even if you don't do any classes or workshops, you can maintain your standing and receive these benefits for a minimum of 3 months - more if you sign up in the middle of a quarter.

4.  Access to the Stampin' Up Demonstrator Website, with inside info on all the new promotions and products and sneak peeks and preorders from all the new catalogues.

5.  The opportunity to become involved with some incredibly awesome people, all with the same passion you have.  This community encourages idea sharing, business knowledge sharing and even equipment sharing when needed!  It is probably the most helpful and awesome resource there is.

6.  A subscription to a bimonthly idea and technique magazine called Stampin' Success! And access to a Demonstrator only on-line community called Stampin' Connection.

7.  A wealth of tutorials and webinars to help you run a successful business.

8.  Opportunity to attend incredibly motivating Stampin' Up Events such as Convention.

9.  A chance to be a part of a business that really cares for its Demonstrators and truly does make a difference!

10.  The priceless opportunity to make a living doing something that you LOVE!  And having FUN helping your friends and family discover the creativity inside them.

Have I convinced you?  Well, here's the kicker!  If you join my team before Aug. 31 this summer, you will also have the added benefit of a free project kit along with your Starter kit.  Here's the deets:

Offer: New recruits get to pick one of four project kits for free in addition to their starter kit when they join Stampin' Up!

Dates: July 15-August 31, 2013

Kit Options:
The first three project kits are from the holiday catalogue and the last option is from the annual catalogue.

Option                                  Kit Description                                             Item                     Total Value

1                        Build a Banner Simply Created Kit AND                       133507
                          Halloween Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit          132698                  $36.90

2                        Build a Banner Simply Created Kit AND                       133507
                          Christmas Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit           132697                   $36.90

3                        Thankful Tablescape Simply Created Kit                        133463                  $24.95

4                        Tag a Bag Bundle AND                                                 131371
                          Tag a Box Bundle                                                          131372                   $28.45

How do you get your Starter Kit?  Call me at 250-768-7379 or email me!  Or click on Join My Team on the top menu bar and follow the prompts!  I can help you get your business off to a great start! This year I was Stampin' Up's only Canadian Rising Star, an award given to demonstrators in their first full year of business who achieve some rigorous criteria!  I can help you duplicate that.  I'm looking forward to having you in my group! 

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