Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some Convention Photos

If you're reading this, it means I didn't get back from my camping trip in time to get my usual Tuesday Mojo post out.  We will have been camping on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, near Sechelt.  I'm anticipating some great weather, but there is usually a fair bit of precipitation in that area.  I think "Sunshine Coast" means "Liquid Sunshine Coast".

I thought I would share some photos of the display boards at convention.  They were pretty inspiring and perhaps you'll get some great ideas looking at them.  Enjoy!

Don't those just make you want to drool?  There are almost too many ideas to wrap your mind around.  I wanted to have the time to look more carefully and get good pictures, but time was a scarce commodity at Convention.  Congratulations to all the talented demonstrators who had their cards displayed.  Maybe one of mine will be up there next year.  One can always dream.....

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