Saturday, October 20, 2012

Workshops and Classes

One thing I love about Stampin' Up, is doing workshops and classes!  I love the look on people's faces when they see how creative they are enabled to be using Stampin' Up products.  I have watched many people, who started the class or the workshop insisting they didn't have a creative bone in their body, get so excited, their eyes lighting up with pleasure and satisfaction, when they see what they can create with a little direction. 

You see, exercising my creativity is like eating and sleeping for me.  I believe everyone is born to be creative in some way and denying that part of you is akin to denying yourself food, water or air!  You die a little without it.  Of course, there are many, many ways to be creative - not just  ones that first come to mind.  You can be a creative cook, decorator, architect, playwright, teacher, child care worker, vintage car restorer....just to name a few.  But being creative ignites our passion like nothing else can.

I have read that studies have shown that you need to schedule time for creativity in order to be healthy.

And here are some ways you can do that, if this is something that piques your interest:

I have some workshops taking place in October and November.  Here are some examples of one of the projects we will do:
So cute, but very simple to do! 
On Thursday, October 25  I have a very special class to create these adorable printer's tray designs:

You will choose either a Halloween, Fall or Christmas design to add to your printer's tray.  The great thing is that the inserts for the sections of the tray can be changed, and I will have more classes in 2013 to create other inserts for different holidays or seasons, such as Valentine's and Easter, or maybe something like this:

You only need the one tray and the possibilities are endless. But you need to sign up soon.  Deadline for registration is Monday, Oct. 22 and you will need to state which of the top three designs you want to do.  There are only five places available.

And for those who would like to make some of their own Christmas Cards this year, I have my last Christmas Stamper's Dozen coming up on November 14.  You will make 12 Christmas cards, three each of four designs, that you will be proud to send to family and friends.  They will be delighted at the time you spent creating these just for them. 

For these and other classes, click the Classes link at the top of this page and it will take you to registration.  I hope I will see you at some of these and be able to help you unlock your creativity!


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