Saturday, January 4, 2014

Papercraft Cats Rewards for Customer Loyalty

Most of you who have read my blog for any length of time know that I have a Papercraft Cat!  It's my cat, Pickle, who looks part Siamese.  She has one endearing quality and that is that every night, she skulks down to my Craft Cave in the basement and pounces on one or two or three unsuspecting craft items and brings them upstairs as her prey for the day. (And announces it with a very loud and triumphant meow, too!)

This is Pickle with some Rhinestone Basic Jewels and some Dimensionals, her kill for today!  She also likes to come and closely check out my workshops and classes when they are at my house.  I really think she wants to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and only the lack of opposable thumbs is keeping her from doing it!

So when I was searching for a logo and name for my downline group and my customer rewards program, Papercraft Cats seemed a good fit.  I designed a logo:

and the rewards program, and I'm proud to announce the 
Papercraft Cats Customer Rewards Program!

Here are the details:

My Papercraft Cats rewards program is designed for orders placed online, in person and by phone/email and will help you build your supplies. Once you earn 20 points, you will receive a $50 gift certificate to spend.

Here╩╝s How it Works:

• Points are awarded based on every $30 you spend per order. Separate order totals cannot be combined. Eg. A $66 order = 2 points, a $57 order = 1 point.

• Points on are based on your pre-tax and shipping total.

• Points are good for a two-year period.

• Valid on Canadian orders only.

To Track Your Points and Redeem Them:
  • Download and fill out this sheet
  • Once it is completed, use it to fill out the form on my website under Redeem Rewards and submit to me to redeem your $50 gift certificate.
  • I will send you a Papercraft Cat token in your thank you cards for every $30 you spend to remind you to fill out your sheet. 
  • You are responsible for tracking your own orders and one customer per sheet.
There's no need to bookmark this post because you will be able to access this from the top menu under Rewards. This program is retroactive to January 1, 2014.

I'll be back tomorrow with my Top Ten products from the new Occasions Catalogue!  I've already completed one round of product shares and I have someone waiting  for another group to be complete. Let me know if you want to be a part of the shares.  You can email me if you are interested.

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