Big Shot Club

My first Big Shot Club is well underway, but I am looking to find 6 more people who would like to get a Big Shot, but don't want to spend $122.95 all at once!  You don't have to be local to be part of it.  Just a resident of Canada.  See the details below!

 I am starting a BIG SHOT CLUB!  What is it?  I am looking for 6 people who want a Big Shot (133439).  Once a month, each person would commit to contributing $25.25 (includes shipping and tax) to the club for 6 months and each month someone would get a Big Shot, first come, first served.  Big Shot Club will be held on the fourth or fifth Thursday of each month at 7 pm.  After 6 months, everyone would have their Big Shots, and some great ideas and techniques for using it.

We could get together to do some Big Shot Projects, or just decide to send in our payments by the fourth Thursday of each month.  

Out of town folks, as long as you live in Canada, this is open to you as well!  You would just need to send me an email, indicating that you would like to join, with your contact info and I would call or email you to set up your month.  Then by the third Tuesday of each month you would send me your payment, and I would send you a kit containing the projects for the month.  When it is your Big Shot month, I would order it and have it delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!  I'm really excited to be able to offer my blog readers from out of town this opportunity! If I have more than 6 interested, I will form another Club.

Send an email now, so you can be among the first to get your Big Shot!

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