Friday, March 9, 2012

Humphrey the Bear and Friends

Time to share another play script.  This one doesn't have much Christian content, but was performed on a Father's Day Sunday when the theme was camping and the outdoors! 

It's a comedy, along the lines of the old Disney cartoon "documentaries".  Does anyone remember Humphrey the Bear, and his Ranger nemesis?  This skit has the Park Ranger comparing two families of campers:  the well-prepared, experienced, make anything you need by lashing sticks together Happy Camper family; and the ill-prepared, inexperienced, naive, impulsive Hazard family!  Lots of laughs!

This skit needs 4 adults and 2 - 4 kids and some camping props.  It can be enhanced by using some cartoon sound effects.  To hear these, double click on the sound effect you want to hear, then click on File, Download, and Open.  If you want to save the sound, click File, Download and Save.

So here is the link for the play, "Father's Day Camping Skit"!  It takes about 15 minutes. Thanks for looking!

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