Monday, January 14, 2013

More from Leadership 2013

Sorry about the abrupt finish to my last post.  For some reason, my tablet or blogger or both refused to let me add any more, even a period!

I wanted to I wanted to tell you about my exciting moment crossing the stage at Leadership!  I did cross the stage at Convention, but that was for being a Canadian, an accident of birth, not anything that I, myself, accomplished.  This time I was eligible to cross the stage because of my promotion to Senior Consultant this year.  How exciting to be recognized, and I just made it to the session in time, because I had been to the hospital visiting Ken just before!

I am really confident and excited about Stampin' Up's future, because they stressed that, no matter the economy, the important thing for us to remember is to do what we love and share what we do, helping others to discover their own creativity.

One other great session I took part in was called "A Blueprint for Success" with Brandi Barnard, where we learned how to ensure profitability in our businesses.

I can hardly wait until I can get back home

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