Monday, January 14, 2013

Stampin' Up Leadership 2013

Well, Leadership 2013 is all over and what a ride, in more ways than one! DH and I flew to
Orlando a week ago with a free week at our time share and were having a blast, when he was suddenly taken ill with pancreatitis, out of the blue!  I called an ambulance then drove myself to the hospital where I stayed with him all through that long night of pain and nausea.  They got him more comfortable, but on some heavy-duty pain killers (ask him about the 9 pound baby girl! lol)(no, wait, you'd better ask me) and admitted him.  I managed to head over to the Convention Center to check in, then back to the hotel to make a hundred different changes in plan and contact insurance!  What a start!

Feeling more comfortable but tired, Ken insisted that I take in as much of Leadership as I could, so I managed to make most of the sessions on Friday and Saturday.  l heard the two awesome announcements on Friday morning about the "Dude, You're Welcome" stamp set just for guys, and the new monthly subscription kit program, My Paper Pumpkin!
Wish I could add a picture or two, but my miserable tablet won't let me!  Time for a laptop!

I learned about great ways to "Ramp Up My Social Media Presence" with Andrea Withers, Diane Dimich, Catherine Pooler and Becky Roberts!  one great presentation by Holly Linford and Linsay Mahon was Success Strategies to Empower Your Downline

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