Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Video Tutorial

Hello Stampers!  It's good to be home in the sunny, HOT Okanagan! Our four-legged feline babies missed
us, as I can tell by their rather bizarre, unsettled behaviour!  There is a mixture of fur tufts and Stampin' Up supplies left here and there around the house.

(In case you're a new reader, Pickle, the one on the right, is my Stampin' Up cat.  Every night she sneaks down to my craft room, pounces on an unsuspecting sheet of Dimensionals, or an unwary scrap of cardstock and brings it upstairs, bounds down the hall, and, Craft Prey in mouth, leaps on our bed, where we find it in the morning.
Sometimes two items.  Sometimes more than two.  I think because I reacted rather badly to finding live mice prey in my house, she is targeting prey that she knows I will appreciate and thank her for!)

And if you'll allow me to brag for just a little bit, I left my new grandson, Wyatt, yesterday morning, weighing 8 lbs. 13 oz. for an average gain of 3 oz. per day! (Most babies gain between .5 and 1 oz. a day!)  What a little guzzler!  Ask his poor Mama, who has to nurse him frequently because he gets ravenous so quickly!  But both his Mama and Papa are totally taken with this little guy and so excited to be parents!

Today, I have a new Crafty Clues video tutorial for you on how to create the little ribbon medallions that you see on these cards:

Card Recipe found here.
                                                                                        Card Recipe found here.

Crafty Clues by Heather: Lace Medallions

I hope you enjoyed it.  It's so easy and fun to do.  For the recipes for the two featured cards, click on the link under each photo to take you to the original posts.

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