Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rising Star!

I just had to write a post on Saturday to let you all know what an amazing and weird day I had at Convention yesterday!  And also to let you know about some incredible new products that Stampin' Up introduced yesterday!!

So, last night was Awards Night at Stampin' Up Convention 2013.  I got myself as cleaned up as I could, and went back to the Convention Center for my Wow Vintage Card Swap.  After the swap, we went out for a celebration dinner.  I was so nervous, I couldn't eat much and I left before the others to go back to the Convention Center, because I wanted time to fix my hair, check my smile and cool down from the walk, before the Awards Ceremony started.

The next part is totally weird.  I started walking back and when it came time to turn right, all of a sudden, I didn't recognize where I was!! PANIC set in!!  I went into a restaurant to ask directions right away, and I was about 3 blocks out of my way!  Trust me to get lost on my way to my big night!!  When I finally arrived I was all hot and flustered, the very thing I had hoped to avoid!

The Rising Star awards were first and I found out that I was one of only 5 demonstrators in North America to win that award, the only Canadian!  Wow!!  I got to go on stage, get a beautiful Hawaiian lei (real flowers), hug Shelli the CEO, get my picture taken with all the Rising Stars (including Brian King, for all you readers who are his fans!) and I received a beautiful silver star necklace, along with a trip to the Home Office for some business counselling and a $1300 bonus!  Heady stuff!

I want to take this time to again thank all my amazing customers, up-line and down-line for all their help and support allowing me to reach this goal!  I am so grateful to all of you!  I'll post more photos when I have access to them.

Then, there were some very exciting new products announced yesterday at Convention.  Here's the low down:

Make dozens of these cute "flip" cards with these easy to use thinlits!  Available August 1, 2013

There are some products you just have to see in action before you realize how much you need them, right? This is one of them!  These new card dies come with extra die pieces that have versatile designs, so you can use them on other projects, not just flip cards. (The Circle Card Thinlits Die comes with 10 total pieces; the Label Card Thinlits Die comes with nine total pieces.)

133479Label Card Thinlits Die$40.95
133480Circle Card Thinlits Die$40.95

Another new product coming out soon is the Undefined Card Set. Here's a video to explain:

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