Thursday, October 17, 2013

Design 101 Part Three

Tuesday night was the last in a series of three Design 101 classes here.  By now the attendees should be comfortable designing their own layouts, picking their own colours and knowing what embellishments would work well on their designs.  I say "should" because only one person was able to attend all three classes, however, I think everyone who attended even one class came away with enough information to help them do more of their own designing.  At least I got them trying it, which should give them more confidence to try it at home.

Here are some of the results:

Teri Coady is my newest recruit and she has had lots of experience designing layouts for scrapbooks and it shows in her design abilities.  Teri says she likes the bright colours and fun designs.  

I like the ribbon treatments she used and the cheerful designs.  Everything is well-balanced and eye-pleasing. She makes good use of colours, patterns and textures.

The next samples are from another one of my downline, Rebecca Hendricks, who has attended all three classes and has really done well with her designing skills.  Rebecca loves clean and simple and doesn't use a lot of embellishments, and with her designs, she doesn't need to.

I like the combinations of blues and greys she used in this card and her choice of DSP for the layout.

Here you see Rebecca's Clean and Simple style at it's best, with the Magnificent Maple along with the sentiment from Blessings From Heaven.  Her only embellishment is some linen thread.

Planning and presenting this class for the first time was challenging for me, but the results have been well worth it.  If you want to take your card making and stamping to the next level, let me know of your interest and I will plan another set of Design classes in the new year.

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Thanks for dropping by today!  Won't you leave a comment for my Design 101 students and give them the encouragement they deserve?

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  1. I love the cards you made. That is one of my biggest challenges, knowing what embellishments to use and how many. You both 'nailed it'. Super job. Wish I could have been there too. Maybe on the next set of design classes.


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