Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Stampin' Up! Cinema

I'm busy this week babysitting two adorable grandkids, Kesten and Cedar, so not much time for blog posts. My hat is off to moms of little ones who work and still manage to blog regularly! You're amazing! I thought you might enjoy some Stampin' Up! videos today, so grab a comfy pillow and some popcorn and cocoa and enjoy:

These four videos all have to do with how to use the new Stamparatus. I thought, since some of you have just received yours from the 2nd Reservation Window, that these might come in handy. For those of you who weren't able to reserve one yet, take heart, only 2 more months until you can buy one from the 2018 - 19 Annual Catalogue:

Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #1: Precision Placement of Stamps


Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #2: Aligning with Red Rubber Stamps


Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #3: Creating Patterns with the Hinge Step Technique


Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #4: Stamping on Pre-Die Cut Pieces


Hope these were informative and enjoyable! Ciao!

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