Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Design 101 Part 2

So Monday night, I had the second in a series of three classes on how to design your own cards.  I was really worried about it because the first of the series I only had two people attend.  The second class, I had seven people attending and I was worried about the logistics of it and if it was too complicated for some or too easy for others.  Turns out I had nothing to worry about.  No one got too frustrated, (at least they didn't tell me they were) and they created some great cards on their own, with some guidance from some challenge sketches I gave them.

There were some guidelines to follow and some pieces already cut except for the last project, which they had to cut the pieces and choose the colours and stamps and everything.

At the end, I asked each one to choose their favourite of the three projects they did and I took a photo of the card for my blog, with their permission.  Everyone was so proud of what they had accomplished, with good reason.  I am going to share them with you today.  Please leave some kind comments for the ladies to encourage them:

Margaret Knoess

Shirley Wilding

Alice Stutters

Rebecca Hendricks

Eunice Stoneman

Jill Clifton

Just One More Sleep!!
Yes, just one more day until you can order the Magnetic Platform for the Big Shot.  If you remember, back early in the summer, the demand was so great for these, that the manufacturer couldn't keep up and they were backordered for ages, so Stampin' Up took them off the order list until they could catch up.

Well, they did and now you will be able to order them again, starting Thursday, Sept. 12.  My advice to you, if you want one (and who wouldn't - they're the best thing since sliced bread!), is to get your order in right away.  Call or email me or go to my online store, but I personally know of dozens of people who want one, and multiply that by all the distributors and you've got a mighty big demand again.

Stampin' Up has added more new MDS downloads!  Check them out here.  Here's some of the latest ones released Sept. 10:

Burlap Ribbon - Digital Download
Grateful Hearts Frameables

Halloween Banner - Digital Download

Halloween Hello Stamp Brush Set

Perfect Blend Stamp Brush Set

Simply Life Photo Templates

Tape It Stamp Brush Set

Toil and Trouble Stamp Brush Set

Thanks for dropping by, and please leave a kind comment for my Design 101 class to encourage them to keep creating!

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