Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time to Reorganize My Craft Cave and New Weekly Deals

Okay, it was high time to reorganize the Craft Cave!  I call it the Craft Cave because it's in the basement and it has no natural light!  Not the best scenario for a craft room.  It also had shelves of used paint, and bins of my daughters' things that they didn't have room for. There were a few other garage sale items in Ikea style open storage shelves, waiting for spring and a garage sale .  But on Friday, I had had enough of open shelving and messy, tottering stacks of stamp sets!  My hubby found some storage cabinets on sale at Home Depot for $40 each, and we bought them out!  Now I am thrilled with the result.  It's not custom made cabinets yet, but this is a hundred times better than it was.

Here are some before and after picks:

Before - stamps and paper

After - stamps and paper and other equipment
It looks SO much tidier now!  I kept the system of storage for my cardstock the same because it works well. Each shelf has a clear binder pocket with scraps of the same colour in it, so that I actually use them!  They are those wire storage cubes from Walmart.  One pack makes three cubes, but instead, you only make one cube and use the extra sides as shelves which you zapstrap in place.  Five packs gave me 45 shelves. ( I double up the In Colours.)

Wood mount stamps fitting perfectly into the shelves.  I've got to change the
old ones to the new packages!

Here's my clear mounts, alphabetically arranged and easy to find!

And here are my punches.  I should get a second shelf in there, I think.

Here's the bin for my card stash and my photography set up.  My work table
is on the right but it's not too exciting yet.  One day soon.....
Thought you'd like to get a look at how I handle my craft environment.  I feel like it's easier to be creative when everything is easier to find.  What tricks do you have for storing your craft supplies?

Thanks for dropping by today!

Here are the new Weekly Deals. If you click on the picture, it will direct you to that item in my On-Line Store, making it easy to purchase.

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  1. Love your new cabinets. It is so exciting to get something new and reorganize things. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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