Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Magical Moment with Free As a Bird

I'm back from a camping holiday with my family and thanks for being patient and allowing me one of the first "real" holidays I've had in six years, where I haven't had to worry about having blog posts ready to cover the days I'm away. It was wonderful. It was also wonderful because I had all my girls and all my grandchildren along on the camping trip! (Sons-in-law, too!) While we were at our first location, we had a Magical Moment:

Our camping trip was to the Cariboo. The first part was at Green Lake, near where Ken's parents used to own a cabin where we would spend our summer holidays back when we were young and penniless. We have so many fond memories of our time there. We walked down to see it from our campsite, and Kristen knocked on the door to see if we could just look around the yard again. Well, the lovely owner, an 84 yr old lady, invited us in for a look around (all 14 of us!! Bless her heart!!) and as soon as we looked into the main living area, we burst into tears. So many things had not changed and the memories came flooding in! That was the magical moment! Guess who I made a card for today?

Here are some photos of the Magical Moment:

The cabin as it looks now from the outside.

Ken & I and all 3 girls with all 6 grandkids in front of the big old fireplace! Same light fixtures!

The original curtains looking from the beloved, enclosed front porch into the living room/dining room!

The whole family, on the front deck - added after we left.

This was the cabin back when Ken's parents owned it - it was our last season there!

Hope you enjoyed that little heartwarming story!

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  1. Beautiful card Heather. I am sure that she is going to love it. What a wonderful opportunity you had to take that walk down memory lane. I am sure that your hearts are still bursting whenever you think about it.

  2. Wow - a truly magical moment, as is having all your family together with you for a week. The things you've done with ribbons on your card are pretty magical too.

  3. Thanks, Jan and Eunice! It was a great week, despite the rain and the bugs! It's so rare to have everyone together that I cherish the time and this incident was the icing on the cake!


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