Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Paper Pumpkin Has Arrived

Look what arrived at my door yesterday!!  I love the line on the side of the box, because it means that when the box is opened...'re in store for some papercrafting fun!  Not too difficult, but enough to make you a project you'd be proud to pin!

Inside is everything you need to create the project, even (in your first kit) a clear mount block to mount the stamps that come with each kit!

Here is what you will be creating, and behind that photo are clear and detailed instructions!  But you don't have to do exactly what they tell you.  Once you get your confidence (and it won't take long with these kits), you can try the alternative projects that I will supply if you have signed up through me, and even create your own ideas!   

Here are some ideas from my upline, Desiree Spenst.  I will be emailing tutorials to those who have signed up for My Paper Pumpkin through me.
Are you kicking yourself for not signing up in time to get the first package?  No worries!  You can still sign up any time you want.  Just register here, and I will call you for your info. It costs $24.95 a month and you can stop your subscription any time or even put it on hold for a month or two.  Otherwise, your credit card would be charged monthly and each month after the tenth of the month, a new package is delivered right to your door!

In other news, I am starting a BIG SHOT CLUB!  What is it?  I am looking for 6 people who want a Big Shot (133439).  Once a month, each person would commit to contributing $25.25 (includes shipping and tax) to the club for 6 months and each month someone would get a Big Shot, first come, first served.  Big Shot Club will be held on the third Tuesday of each month, starting April 16 at 7 pm.  After 6 months, everyone would have their Big Shots, and some great ideas and techniques for using it.

We could get together to do some Big Shot Projects, or just decide to send in our payments by the third Tuesday of each month.  

Out of town folks, as long as you live in Canada, this is open to you as well!  You would just need to send me an email, indicating that you would like to join, with your contact info and I would call or email you to set up your month.  Then by the third Tuesday of each month you would send me your payment, and I would send you a kit containing the projects for the month.  When it is your Big Shot month, I would order it and have it delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!  I'm really excited to be able to offer my blog readers from out of town this opportunity! 

Finally, remember the goal I set to book nine new classes.  I had 2 booked and each photo represents two booked classes, helping the daffodil to grow.  I'm happy to report that I'm almost there... 1 more is needed:

        4 booked                                                          6 booked                                                8 booked

All that's left is 1 more booking!  How about helping me reach that goal?  All you have to do is invite a few friends for a fun night out (or morning or afternoon!).  If you don't like baking and cleaning up, let me do that for you and host your class at my house!  So easy and so many benefits for you!  Your name will go into a draw with the other hostesses that booked during this week for a FREE stamp set!  Plus you will get hostess benefits from all the orders that go in from your class.  You can even get out of town friends and relatives to take part by ordering on-line with a special Hostess Code!  Plus you will get some hand stamped cards and a hostess gift from me!  I need to know by tomorrow night so call or email me right away!

Thanks for all your support!  You are wonderful readers!

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