Friday, March 15, 2013

Reaching Goals

I'm kind of afraid to set goals, because once it's down on paper, I HAVE to achieve it.  I'm genetically wired that way!  But Stampin' Up has invited us to set some goals post Sale-A-Bration to book some private classes during April, May and June!

And I've set a goal to book 9 private classes during those 3 months!  That's 3 a month!  Seems like a lot, but so did selling 40 stamp sets last fall and I did it!

So here goes:

Have you been wanting a share of that FREE Stampin' Up product lately?  Would you like to win a free stamp set of your choice?  Well then, maybe you could help me reach a goal.  I'm trying to book 9 new private classes during April, May and June. I have to have the events booked during this next week, March 15 -22.

You don't even have to bake and clean.  You could hold your private class at my house if you wanted to.  All you need to do is message me that you want to book a private class and give me a date between April 1 and June 30.(I'm away between Apr. 8 - 13 and Apr. 29-May 10.) Then start making a list of your friends to invite!

All hostesses will have their names entered into a draw to win a free stamp set of your choice! And when your friends order, they may qualify you to earn FREE Stampin' Up product.

Who will be the first?  I will keep you posted on my progress in achieving my goal!

Here's how I will keep you in the loop:  We'll start with a daffodil bulb in the ground:

Every two bookings I get, I will add some growth to the bulb until we have a field of lovely blooming daffodils!  Are you with me?  We have a week to get this done!

Call me: 250-768-7379, email me, message me on Facebook, or leave a comment here!  Thanks for your help!  You are all amazing!

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