Monday, October 26, 2015

Delicate Ornament Ornament

My heart is heavy today. We found out that dear friends of ours lost their 36 year old son. He just died suddenly and unexpectedly. We spent part of the day with them yesterday, hoping to be of some comfort. There are no words to speak, just pain to share. It is the news every parent dreads to hear. As I wrote this post last night, I felt too emotionally drained to write or share much. There are practical things we can do in the days ahead to relieve the burden, but no one can lift the pain of bereavement. You can only be with the bereaved, pray for them and share their grief, hoping that will give them a bit of a ledge to stand on when they feel they are drowning in the sorrow.

I am working on two tutorials for my newsletter at the moment. For the next couple of months leading up to Christmas, I am planning on including 2 photo tutorials - one for a card and one for some holiday decor or wrapping ideas. If you are a subscriber to my newsletter, you will get these free.

  • This is a three dimensional ornament, made from Glimmer Paper, die cut with the Delicate Ornament dies. It isn't difficult at all, but it is kind of fiddly to get it exact with all the sides matching up. I will give you some ideas about how to accomplish that.
  • You could make a few of these of different designs for your Christmas tree. There are several colours of Glimmer Paper that you could choose from: Red, Dazzling Diamonds, Gold and Silver, and even Black. You can also colour the Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer paper any colour you want!
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I will not list the supplies used here. You can find them on the step-by-step tutorial which also includes measurements and photo-illustrated instruction.

Have a great week, and give your kids an extra hug or a phone call today! Hold your family close!

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