Monday, March 28, 2016

Shaving Cream Easter Egg Technique

Well, I hope you had a Happy Easter! Our house was a little chaotic, with four children ages 4 and under, but we had lots of fun and grandbaby cuddles this weekend. We launched rockets, went for walks, played Lego, ate great meals, and celebrated Gramps' birthday!

And one thing we did was decorate Easter Eggs! We used the shaving cream technique, which I have used on card backgrounds before to get a marbling effect. It really works on Easter Eggs, too!

First you want to either hard-boil a dozen eggs or tap a hole in each end with a meat skewer or large needle and blow out the contents so you just have a shell. I did that and, believe me, I was feeling slightly light-headed when I was finished 12 of them!

Then you fill a glass cake dish with foam shaving cream. (Gel shaving cream doesn't work and glass dish because it doesn't stain.

Then you drip several different colours of food colouring or ink refills on the shaving cream and stir it with a toothpick to marbleize it:

This is Parker helping to marbleize the shaving cream.

Then you roll an egg through the foam until it's covered, and wipe off the shaving cream with a paper towel. It leaves behind the marbled pattern on the shell.

I used the Tin of Cards Project Kit tin to display them, adorned with some Mint Macaron Dotted Lace Trim.

Here are some more photos of the grandkids:

The two oldest grandpups, Kesten and Parker,  being super silly and fun!

Little Cedar, my only granddaughter, having some cuddle time with her mommy, Kristen, while helping to dye the eggs.

Jackson couldn't really help much, but he just sat there and looked adorable while we worked!

Give it a try with your little ones! Be prepared, though for multicoloured fingers when you're done!

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  1. What a superb family thing to do! The eggs look fantastic and it seems a good time was had by all as well!

  2. What a bunch of sweeties! Looks like loads of fun :)


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