Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June is Almost Over

There's not much new information from Stampin' Up! to share with you today, but because June is almost over you have only 2 more days to take advantage of a couple of old promotions that expire at the end of June!

The first one is one I think everyone should take advantage of. It's the offer of 2 free stamp sets when you purchase the Starter Kit in June. Only 3 days left to do take advantage of this promotion! Buy the Starter Kit for only $135 and get $165 worth of any current products that you want, free shipping! PLUS choose ANY TWO stamp sets free, regardless of price! That could mean up to $130 more in value, depending on which ones you choose! With all the wonderful new products to choose from, I would recommend this for everyone. You don't need to sell to take advantage of this offer, but you will be able to take advantage of 4 months of 20% discounts, even if you don't! No brainer!

The second is going to be a little harder to make happen in the short time we have left, but is still possible:
If you place an order of  $400 or more at my On-Line Store you can get an extra $40 in free product. Unfortunately, I have no openings in my schedule to do a workshop for you before the end of June, but you could also get together with some friends and send me your orders and you could reap the rewards if they total $400 before tax and shipping.

So just keep those in mind today and tomorrow! In the meantime, here is another couple of informative tutorials from Stampin' Up! to keep you going:



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