Monday, March 20, 2017

Learning by Playing with the Baby Wipe Splooshing Method

I often experiment a bit with a new technique on the smaller expanse of a 3 1/2" x 5" notecard, which we sell in Whisper White or Crumb Cake along with envelopes in packs of 20. I will take a pack and make customer thank you cards all at once trying out a new background or new stamp set or framelit set. Because I am doing a background technique theme in my next Technique Night class, I thought I'd give Baby Wipe Splooshing a go on this set of thank yous.

I've seen it used a few time with varying levels of artisty, but the first time I saw it, I was absolutely blown away! It was on the Stampin' Artfully blog by Kim Jolley! I don't know if she originated the idea or not, but she is a master of it. My weak attempts are a poor imitation, but practice makes perfect, right?? It is a fun technique, so I know I'll be doing more of it and learning as I go. I already have some ideas about what I would NOT do the next time I try! But that's the power of experimentation. If you don't try, you don't learn. When I was using the Basket Bunch stamp set last week, I noticed that there was a thank you sentiment on it so I thought I'd use the basket and flowers to make a quick little thank you card and try out the baby wipe splooshing.

  • To use the technique, you just take a baby wipe, scrunch it up into a ball, and dab it lightly onto a stamp pad and dab it onto your cardstock background. It makes an interesting texture. If you touch it very lightly and intermix three or so colours, you get a kind of marbling effect. If you separate your colours and use a heavier hand, it looks more like clouds or waves or fog or just a background texture.
  • Where I ended up NOT liking this sample was where I overlapped the pastel colours I had chosen, so next time I would keep them more separate, or use more monochromatic colours, or just one colour. It ended up looking too muddy.
  • The second step in the background process is to use a marker to add bits and pieces of texture stamps to the background. Here I used stamps from Timeless Textures.
  • Finally add your images. I think more solid images would have been a much better focal point. The White embossed flowers do show up well though, but I had to do a bit of sponging for that to happen and that muddied up the waters even more.
I had a chance to work on another card last evening, a sympathy card for a friend who lost her sister, and although I cased it from both Kim Jolley and Jackie Bultje, I think it showcases the technique much better:

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  1. All of your cards are gorgeous. You executed my baby wipe technique beautifully!


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