Monday, June 24, 2019

CASEing the Catalogue for My Catalogue Launch

I just had my new Annual Catalogue Launch this past Saturday and though it was successful to a point, and certainly enjoyable spending time with my lovely customers, and fun decorating and creating displays, I have to admit that the week before was filled with so much work that I spent many nights up until the wee hours working on the prep for the event. I suppose I could have been better organized, doing more prep ahead of time, but there always seems to be something urgent that needs doing, keeping me from getting ahead of the game.

Anyway, somewhere during the week, a straw broke! I decided, probably not for the first time, and maybe not for the last time, that I needed to be doing more than killing myself  with this overwork, and that I need to work smart, not hard. I also had a rebellious moment against Google and social media and SEO and algorithms and decided that they were going to stop running my life!

Yes, it would be great to have an on-line business, but if I have been posting consistently for 6 years and still haven't seen any substantial fruit, then why am I kidding myself into believing that it could still happen? Heck, I don't even know if anyone really even reads my blogs posts. I rarely get comments unless it's a forced situation like a blog hop or members of my own design team.

So blogging is going to stop running my life. I'm going to run my blog and blog when I want to and if I'm going on vacation, I'm going to really go on vacation and not try to create blog posts to carry through it, even though it exhausts me to the point that I spend vacation days recovering! There! Rebellion over! Heck, I'm 67 years old - I need to enjoy life and enjoy stamping again, not have it be a job that I have to do!

All that to say, I may not be as consistent a blogger anymore. When I have something to share with you I will. And maybe, when I enjoy stamping again, it will be more frequently!

I will share the displays I created for my Catalogue Launch last weekend though. I did a lot of Catalogue CASEing, as I always do when I need a lot of samples in a short amount of time and it was fun doing that! Here they are:

Thanks for reading! Happy Stampin'!

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  1. Heather, your samples are spectacular - as is the way you've displayed them. Go, you rebel, and enjoy your crafting!


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