Friday, September 7, 2018

Back to Basics for As You See It Challenges

It's been Back to School week here in British Columbia, and three of my six grandkids are now in school, two in Grade 1 and one in Kindergarten. Back to school seemed to go well for all of them and they are happy with their situations. And since it's Friday and time for a new As You See It Challenge, we had a theme challenge this week:

Back to Basics is a very timely challenge for this time of year, but what does it mean for crafters? Well, it means that you get down to the bare minimums: paper, stamps, ink and maybe a little ribbon thrown in, but not much more. Scissors and paper cutters can be used as well. I thought I'd tie this theme in with the back to school time of year to make an encouragement card for a student heading back to the books this fall:

Please join with us in the next couple of weeks and get Back to Basics yourself.

We got back on Tuesday from a camping trip to visit our daughter and family in Ft. St. James and then to see Barkerville, a historic site from BC's Gold Rush days back starting in 1858. Enjoy these photos:

These four photos were taken where my middle daughter lives in Ft. St. James. I had an great visit with her and with my grandkids, Kesten (above) and Cedar (left, in the tree). We visited the Fort - a national historic site, and you can see Ken posing there in the "lazy boy" on the left above and on the right above you can see the scene of the world famous "Chicken Races". I'm afraid that none of my selected contestants won even 1 of the races.

After leaving Ft. St. James, we headed to Barkerville, and here are a number of photos capturing the flavour of this Gold Rush city:

It was fun, but wet and cold on some days. We were sure glad we had Bucky (short for Buckingham Palace) our RV. We kept warm and dry inside!

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